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What is a Full-Service Broker?
It’s a broker who is the resident expert on all phases of real estate buying and selling in a particular building and can also extend services that go beyond buying and selling.
With Patrick Quagliano you receive this high level of service:
For Sellers:
  • Will work with building staff and/or outside contractors to complete necessary repairs, painting, cleaning, and whatever fixings or renovations are needed to prepare your apartment to sell
  • Will aid in staging your apartment and will work with an outside designer if necessary to get your apartment ready to show
  • Will qualify all prospective purchasers to insure that they obtain financing and will complete that process to obtain successful results
  • Will prepare and aid all buyers in completing the building’s Purchase Application to insure Board Approval of your prospective buyer
  • Will refer sellers to reliable attorneys who have experience representing sellers in the building and know how to close deals efficiently, affordably, and effectively
For Buyers:
  • Will answer all questions with regard to building policies and services and provide buyers with a personal viewpoint on the quality of life in the building from the perspective of a 30-plus year resident
  • Will financially qualify all buyers and refer them to building mortgage brokers who are reliable and able to get them the best financing available
  • Will refer buyers to reliable attorneys who know the building and have experience representing buyers and closing deals effectively
  • Will prepare and aid buyers in completing the building’s Board Application and interview process to insure Board Approval
  • Once approved and closed, will assist the new buyer with finding appropriate architects, designers, and contractors any planned apartment renovations


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